Who are Sean and Mimi?

Pete: They are my friends. 

Where did you meet?

On a Saturday. 

Are they helping you with your book?

Yes. A little. I would call it a collaboration. They have some good ideas. And they can type faster than me owing to the largeness of their hands. And Mimi knows InDesign.

Are they qualified to work with you on such an important project?

I don’t really understand that word. Qualified. 

What experience do they have making books? 

Oh. I see. Well Mimi is a designer and artist. Sean is a writer. They both live in San Francisco. They talk constantly about something called Instagram. I think that’s how they met.

What does Instagram have to do with making books?

Well, Mimi posted this picture of me on Instagram. And then Sean began helping me write my story. And Mimi takes pictures.

What does she take pictures of? 

Most everything. She’s particularly interested in my furniture. And Priscilla’s furniture. Even our coffee tables. She really likes coffee tables. 

Who is Priscilla?

That’s a silly question. You’ll have to read the book to find that out if you don’t know. You really don’t know Priscilla?

Is there anyone else we should know?

Well, Mark and HP of course. They are the filmmakers who helped me create the Kickstarter movie. And there is Joseph. He composed “Pete’s Petite Suite” to accompany the movie. Oh, and my friend Johannes who provided the location and helped with building the set and my other friend Dave who cast some extras in the film. And there is Andrew who mixed the sound. And Minna and her magical orchestra who played their giant instruments to make the music in the movie.

Pete, you seem to have a lot of friends for such a quiet peanut. 

Friends make me happy.

Is there anything else we should know?


Such as?

I think it's best that you visit my Kickstarter page. Hurry!