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Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays (PDF)
Sean Hewens & Mimi O Chun

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Meet Pete Peanut, a quiet sort of peanut who likes sleeping late on Saturdays and long walks by the stream. Trouble arrives for Pete when a single birthday invitation drops through his letter slot. Soon enough Pete’s Saturdays are filled up by birthday celebrations. Most everyone in town besides Pete thoroughly enjoys these celebrations, as they involve large quantities of cake and peanut singing and sometimes even peanut dancing on tiny peanut feet.

As Pete is the first to discover, however, there is a problem with all these birthdays. Pete’s town is in great danger, but no one believes him. Only Pete can save the town he loves from the serious trouble with birthdays and get his Saturdays back once and for all.

Sean Hewens is a writer and a fictional cartographer based in San Francisco. His other books include stories about baseball and love in post-apocalyptic America, Internet gambling, and vacuum chambers. He enjoys taking long urban hikes with Pete. 

Mimi O Chun is a designer and artist who splits her time between the digital and analog worlds. She created and photographed the miniatures, and met regularly with Pete to discuss his typographic preferences for the book. 

Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays (Audio Book)
Listen to the audiobook of Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays, narrated by Cooper Carlson.

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Cooper Carlson has been acting in the recording studio and on stage in San Francisco for the past nine years, studying at Voice One and producing and acting with theater company PianoFight. A Studio A.C.T. alum, he's performed at the SF Playhouse and in the Bay One Acts Festival and SF Theater Festival.

Pete's Petite Suite
Composed by Joseph Stillwell
Performed by Magik Magik Orchestra

Listen to the beautiful original score created exclusively for Pete's Kickstarter movie by composer, Joseph Stillwell.

Link to downloadable MP3       Link to downloadable musical score

Joseph Stillwell is a composer who has written works in a variety of genres, from solo piano and art song to wind ensemble and orchestra. His compositions are notable for their attention to form, economy of material, and how fantastic they sound played on instruments both big and small. Joseph composed Pete’s Petite Suite, the original score that accompanies Pete’s film.

Minna Choi founded Magik*Magik Orchestra, a made-to-order orchestra for artists and creatives. The size of M*MO varies per project, ranging from a single violinist to an 80-piece symphony and choir. With Minna at the helm as conductor, a M*MO quintet performed and recorded Pete's Petite Suite.

Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays Kickstarter Movie
Created by Ersatz Film

Watch the Kickstarter movie created by Ersatz film for Pete's Kickstarter campaign in March 2015. Thanks to over 400 fantastic backers, we successfully raised $25,000 to publish Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays.

Link to downloadable MP4

H.P. Mendoza and Mark Del Lima are Ersatz Film. Their most recent film, I Am a Ghost, appeared on multiple Top 10 lists in 2012. H.P. and Mark provided direction, photography, editing, and animation on Pete's movie.